A Crowd Of Stocks - Weekly Recap (5/16/21 - 5/22/21) Dogecoin, Safemoon, Elon Musk, Crypto Crash

This week’s recap was focused around Elon trolling Bitcoin, a huge crypto sell off from it crashing, consolidation, stocks that will double, Dogecoin to a $1, is Safemoon a Ponzi Scheme, bullish patterns and short sellers losing billions. This info was all collected through the experience and opinions of @chris_sain, @matthew_g_perry, marketgains @myfinancialfriendofficial, @kenangrace1, @meetkevin and @mike_davis_yt. They as we ARE NOT YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISORS. This was put together for entertainment purposes only. Trade At Your Own Risk, respectively.


 Our Purpose: Here to give you Knowledgeable opinions from people talking and trading stocks and options to help you build a consistent portfolio.

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