Here’s a brief history of Dogecoin.

"From Musk’s SNL appearance to vocal skeptics and curious family members, Dogecoin is inescapable in 2021. DOGE’s value rose by more than 12,000% from January 2021 to early May — but its cultural momentum has been building for almost a decade. As Musk continues to tweet about his favorite crypto, and new dog-themed coins crop up, let’s take a look at the original memecoin’s history." 

 Since that .72 cents jump it has dropped tremendously going from the #4 crypto in the worth to coming in at #6 at .40 cents behind Cardano, Tether, Binace Coin, ETHEREUM and Bitcoin who all also are in decline. It may seem as of Wednesday May 19th Crypto is crashing after brass tweets by Elon Musk as the Hedgies, Suits, Big Wigs and Short Sellers are bailing out and just taking the losses. 

 This info is researched and gathered from Coinbase Bytes, Robinhood, The Stock Market and Twitter.

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