1.2 Million Dogecoin Giveaway from CoinBase

Coinbase and Dogecoin are coming together to do a huge giveaway as a sweepstakes to get investors buying and trading the meme coin on their platform. This comes off as more of a celebration for listing the Shiba Inu dog inspired coin on their platform today. The thing is, you must sell $100 of Dogecoin on their platform by June 2021 to be eligible. The prizes will consist of $300,000 award, 10 smaller awards of $30,000 and 6000 rewards of $100. Even though Doge is underperforming by 3 to 4 cents from the 42 cents hike it made today, it's however hovering around 5 to 6 cent's higher from the 33 cents it recently stayed at. All and all, this giveaway is probably good for helping Coinbase Pro get more traders on the platform before it's listed on the regular Coinbase since the hype came and went when it was first announced. This is yet another Win for Dogecoin and it's community for not only legitimacy but a steamroll to reach that goal of a dollar that soo many are anticipating.

Some info sourced from: Decrypt

Written and Revised by: @MotzyMadeIt

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