A Crowd Of Stocks - Weekly Recap (6/6/21 - 6/12/21) AMC, Dogecoin, Naked Shorts, Hedge Funds

This week’s recap was focused around buying the AMC dips, how to become a crypto millionaire, proof banks are preparing for a short squeeze, how to invest $500 for beginners, what hedge funds are doing to AMC, Dogecoin mainstream adoption and naked shorts are very real. This info was all collected through the experience and opinions of via IG names: @chris_sain, @matthew_g_perry, @zipcharlie, @myfinancialfriendofficial, @kenangrace1 and @mike_davis_yt. They as we ARE NOT YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISORS. This was put together for entertainment purposes only. Trade At Your Own Risk, respectively.

Our Purpose: Here to give you Knowledgeable opinions from people talking and trading stocks and options to help you build a consistent portfolio.

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